Construction Closures. At latest report, the bike path is open between Duquesne Avenue and its terminus at National Boulevard. However, it may be subject to periodic closure through 2012 related to Expo Light Rail and Bikeway construction. For more information and updates, follow the on-site signs or visit this page on Culver City's website or

BALLONA CREEK BIKEWAY AND LANDSCAPING PROJECT Scheduled to begin the week of September 27, 2010 and to be completed in January, 2011. This project consists of, but not limited to, the following improvements;

  • Removal of the concrete embankment along the upslope side of the bike path (between the bike path and the school properties), to be replaced with a new decorative retaining wall, terraced landscaping utilizing drought tolerant and native plants with irrigation system, and a meandering pedestrian path
  • Installation of new fencing and decorative entry gate at the service road/bike path entrance to the creek located off Overland Avenue and adjacent to the library building
  • Repaving of the existing asphalt bike path from Overland Avenue to the Pedestrian Bridge
  • Installation of new pedestrian lighting, emergency "call-boxes," security cameras, bio-swale, and educational display and signage along the project limits.
The bike path between Overland Avenue and Pedestrian Bridge (north of Ocean Drive and Westwood Blvd) will be closed for pedestrian and bicycle traffic during the duration of the construction. Please observe posted detours and construction signs.

Bike Path Improvements and Safety. In the last year or so, significant bike path improvements have been made or are about to start. These include native landscaping, artist-designed gates, and other amenities in the Del Rey neighborhood from McConnell to Sepulveda and in Culver City around Duquesne. Among positive changes about to start construction or already started are Culver City's project at Overland, creekside rain gardens around Jackson Avenue and Pearson Street, more native landscaping between Inglewood Avenue and Sawtelle Boulevard, BCR's native landscaping project at Culver City Middle and High Schools, and our shared restoration project near Slauson Avenue led by Friends of Ballona Wetlands with Mar Vista Family Center.

With the improvements and increased ridership, the bike path generally is an enjoyable and safe place to exercise, commute, and ride to the ocean bike path, school, or other destination. However, with limited visibility under the freeways and few entrances and exits, it is always a good idea to be alert to your surroundings. Cell phones are a good and quick way to report hazardous debris or conditions, graffiti, pollution, or suspicious behavior.

As you ride, walk, or skate on the Ballona Trail, please use extra caution, especially around the underpasses.

In case of emergency, dial 911
Culver City Police Department Non-Emergency Line: 310-837-1221
LAPD Non-Emergency Line: 310-202-4502
Culver City Grafitti Hotline: 310-253-5555
Other "Hotline" Numbers are available by clicking here

Bike Path

The Ballona Creek Bike Path starts at Syd Kronenthal Park in east Culver City and extends about 7 miles to the Coast Bike Path. This page details its various entrances and gives suggested approaches. Click on their names for street maps. Note that the bikepath entrances are locked when there is a possibility of substantial rain. During rainstorms, the creek waters become dangerous and too tempting to some who might play in them.

Terminus at Syd Kronenthal Park (1)

From Jefferson Boulevard, heading west across La Cienega, cross Ballona Creek (now on National) and turn right at the creek onto the sidewalk and the bike path entrance behind the park's ballfield backstop. You'll go down a steep ramp and make a u-turn onto the bike path. Before you do that, check out the colorful mural on the retaining wall behind the backstop. BCR helped create it with the young people depicted in the design. One of a few alternate approaches to the entrance is down National from Washington Boulevard, but care needs to be taken when crossing National to get to the entrance.

Duquesne Avenue (2)

Approachable from either Culver or Jefferson, this well-used entrance is on the downstream side across from Culver City's Transportation Facility. You can't miss BCR's “Rivers of the World” mural on the entrance ramp (unless you entered at Syd Kronenthal Park) or the giant urn sculpture across the creek.

Bike Path Map

Overland Avenue (3)

Approachable from either Culver or Jefferson, this entrance is on the downstream side next to the Culver City Julian Dixon Library, where you'll see BCR's “Postcards From Ballona” mural on the parking lot retaining wall behind the library as you enter the bike path. There is a second entrance on the upstream side of Overland Avenue.

Ocean Drive (4)

This entrance is located on Ocean Drive, which is immediately south of the creek west of Overland Avenue, and crosses the creek to the bikepath via the pedestrian bridge.

Sepulveda Boulevard (5)

There are bikepath entrances on both sides of Sepulveda Boulevard on the north side of the creek.

Sawtelle Avenue (6)

The entrance is located on tiny Culver Drive on the north side of the creek, a block west of Sawtelle Avenue.

Slauson Avenue (7)

This entrance is located where Slauson Avenue dead-ends into the creek on the north side. The entrance ramp passes through a little community garden.

Inglewood Boulevard (8)

Entrance is on the east side of Inglewood Boulevard.

Centinela Avenue (9)

One entrance is on the west side of the street, where there is some off-street space for parking. Another entrance is on the east side of Centinela Avenue, a few yards down a small side street called Culver Drive.

McConnell Avenue (10)

Reachable from Culver Blvd or Braddock Ave, this entrance is located where McConnell Ave ends at the north side of the creek.

Lincoln Boulevard (11)

There are entrances are on both sides of Lincoln Boulevard, but there is no parking available. Lincoln Boulevard is at present not a bike-friendly street, although there are tentative plans to install bike lanes or off-street bike paths which would connect to Ballona Creek.

Marina del Rey (12)

You can park at Fisherman's Village (a fee lot) to access the Ballona Creek bikepath off of Fiji Way.

Beach Bikepath

At the western end of Ballona Creek, the bikepath crosses over the Pacific Avenue bridge and connects with the beach bikepath which extends south to Redondo Beach.